Centers and Projects

Many BTI schools feature specially focused centers and initiatives. 


Andover Newton Theological Seminary 

The Center for Inter-Religious and Communal Leadership Education (CIRCLE) 

A joint initiative of Andover Newton Theological School and Hebrew College offering programs for religious pluralism. 


Border Crossing Immersion Program 

Engaging students across different social, cultural, ethnic, racial, economic, national, and faith identities.  


Boston College Theology Department

The Institute of Medieval Philosophy and Theology 

Supporting research and coursework on medieval philosophy and theology.  


The Lonergan Center 

Lectures, workshops, and research about the work of the Jesuit theologian Bernard Lonergan (1904-1984). 


Program in Comparative Theology 

Engaging the challenges and promises of religious pluralism.  


The Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life 

Scholars, policy makers, and media and religious leaders working at the intersection of religion and American public life.  



Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Programs in Hispanic Ministry 

Preparing students to minister to the unique needs of Hispanic communities. 


International Fellowship Initiative 

Hosting post-doctoral international scholars for research at the STM. 



Boston University School of Theology

Religion and the Arts 

Research, courses, and scholarship linking religion, art, and music.  


Anna Howard Shaw Center 

Working to empower women and honor diversity in the Methodist Church through the goals of research, support, education, and advocacy. 

Center for Global Christianity and Mission 

Supporting and understanding the global Christian community through critical reflection, faithful witness, and thoughtful engagement with multiple cultures. 


The Center for Practical Theology 

Deepening relationships between BU STh and local communities of faith. 


Religion and Conflict Transformation Program 

Preparing religious leaders to become a resource for peace in a multi-cultural, multi-faith world. 


The STEWARD Program: Stewardship Thinking, Economic Wellbeing, and Reduction of Debt 

Preparing seminary students and local religious leaders for wise financial management in their personal and professional lives. 



Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME) 

The Boston campus of GCTS provides ministerial training for urban pastors and church leaders. 


Ockenga Center 

A center for global ministry. 


Pierce Center for Disciple-Building 

A center for disciple-building through intentional spiritual formation, community and peer outreach, and scholarly inquiry. 


The Shoemaker Center for Church Renewal 

Resources for pastors, lay leaders and churches for personal and corporate renewal. 


Hispanic Ministries Program 

Supports Hispanic church leaders with an affordable, quality theological education.  


Center for the Study of Global Christianity 

An academic research center studying global Christianity, including outreach and mission. We provide a comprehensive collection of information on the past, present, and future of Christianity in every country of the world.  


Hebrew College

Betty Ann Greenbaum Miller Center for Interreligious Learning & Leadership 

Promoting religious and cultural literacy and dialogue through graduate and adult education, professional development, and publications.  


HEART-TO-HEART: An Exploration of Jewish Spirituality for Christians 

Compelling and informative Jewish materials to aid Christian students in their own faith journeys. 

Foundations of Jewish Genealogical Research  

An intensive introductory course, including relevant world history and geography, research strategies, and guidance in using worldwide resources and online sites. 


Youth Programming at Hebrew College 

A variety of programs to promote community engagement and Jewish learning for youths and teens. 


Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

CrossRoad Institute 

A ten-day summer institute for high school juniors and seniors to connect with the Orthodox Christian theological and spiritual tradition.   


The Stephen and Catherine Pappas Patristic Institute  

An ecumenically sensitive study of the Greek patristic tradition, together with the Syrian, Coptic, Armenian, Latin, and other ancient Christian traditions. 


The Missions Institute of Orthodox Christianity 

Instilling an understanding of international cross-cultural missionary work through a practicum and twelve-day mission to Albania. 


The Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Art and Culture 

A center for the arts and culture of Byzantium. 


The New York Life Center for the Study of Hellenism in Pontus and Asia Minor  

Funding to support teaching, conferences and publications focusing on Hellenism in Pontus and Asia Minor. 


Harvard Divinity School

The Buddhist Ministry Initiative 

Training future Buddhist religious professionals through a study of the practice of Buddhism, Buddhist languages, and Buddhist arts of ministry. 


Center for the Study of World Religions 

Providing lectures and programming about the historical and contemporary relationships among religions, and the theological, philosophical, comparative, political, and ethical challenges facing religious communities today.  


Women’s Studies in Religion Program 

Courses, publications, and public programs supporting research on religion and gender. 


Pluralism Project 

A project to document the contours of our multi-religious society. 


Religious Literacy Project  

An initiative to create and collect an open access website designed primarily for public school teachers and their students. 


Science, Religion, and Culture 

Offering colloquia, seminars, and workshops. 


Religions and the Practice of Peace 

Examining how individuals and communities draw on religious and spiritual resources to foster mutual understanding and peace. 


Saint John's SeminarySaint John's Seminary 

The Theological Institute for the New Evangelization 

Serving the laity, deacons, and professed religious, and offers two Masters degrees. 





Boston Theological Institute