Many BTI member schools offer courses and unique training over the summer. Make the most of your summer break by taking a new language course, learning at a new campus, and meeting new peers. The BTI does manage registration for summer courses, so students should contact schools directly for information and registration. Below is a list of schools with offerings and a link for finding more information. 

*Cross-registration is not offered for summer courses. While classes are open to BTI students, registration for summer courses can be done directly with the schools. 

Andover Newton Theological Seminary

ANTS offers summer classes in a range of topics, including pastoral care, denominational history, and a Border Crossing Immersion trip to Northern California that explores Muslim life in North America. 

Boston College Department of Theology 

Summer classes are offered at BC DT, including supervised research and a class on Saints and Sinners. 

Boston College School of Theology and Ministry  

The STM offers classeshousingprogramming, and certificate courses.  

“Join a community of more than 300 lay and ordained students from all over the world for summer study in Boston.  Summer at STM offers an array of courses that can be used toward a degree program or taken for personal or professional development.  We offer morning and evening 3-credit classes that take place over 3-week sessions, online courses, and a number of 1-credit options that take place over a 1-week period or a weekend.” 

Summer at STM tuition rates are structured "per credit," and you pay based on the number of credits you take.  The official credit rate for Summer 2017 will be decided in March 2017.  Until then, you can use the per credit rate of $1,064 as an estimate. The cost per audited credit is $532, so to audit a 3-credit class, the cost is $1,596.

Boston University School of Theology 

Summer classes are offered at BUSTh in a number of subjects, including church history and peace studies. In addition, BUSTh offers a variety of language courses.

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary  

Gordon-Conwell offers summer classes for students, at both their Hamilton and Boston campuses: 

Hamilton summer class topics include theology, pastoral care, and biblical exegesis. 

Boston summer class topics include pastoral care, youth ministry, and the history of the Pentecostal Church.  

BTI students may contact the GCTS registrar to enroll directly. Each course costs the same as a term-time course, and is awarded credits proportionally.  

Hebrew College 

Hebrew College will offer summer Hebrew language courses, both online and on campus. Program dates coming shortly. 

Prayer Leader Summer Institute: June 6 – July 28, 2017 

The Prayer Leader Summer Institute includes several week-long classes throughout June and July. This summer's theme is Jewish music:  "Do you love to sing, play, teach, or lead Jewish music? Whether you are a lay leader, student, musician or teacher—if you are interested in honing your musical skills and expanding your understanding of prayer—join us at Hebrew College’s Prayer Leader Summer Institute."

Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology 

For a full listing of summer 2017 classes at HCHC, see here: Check back for updates.  

Courses include the Kallinikeion Institute, an intensive program in Modern Greek, and a Summer Missions Course that brings students to Albania in order to study the history of the church in situ. Holy Cross also offers the Summer Patristics Institute, a week-long program in which students study and discuss classic texts of the early Church. 

Harvard Divinity School *NEW FOR SUMMER 2017*

HDS is offering its Summer Language Program courses at a 50% discount to BTI students.  

Harvard Divinity School's Summer Language Program (SLP) is an eight-week, intensive program in language study designed specifically for the curriculum in theological and religious studies, and is taught with a focus on translation and reading comprehension. SLP is open to BTI students. Please note that the deadline for applications is Friday, May 5, 2017. 

The tuition rates may be found here: Please see the topic BTI students, which is different from Non-Harvard students. 

Each course will count for two semesters' worth of credit: 

Boston Theological Institute