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Please Read the Following to Get Started!

  • Cross-registration is only open to students currently enrolled at a BTI Consortium member school.
  • The best news is that it is completely free with your normal tuition!
  • If you are looking for the BTI Consortium course catalog, click on the "Course Catalog" button below
  • Only the listed, approved BTI courses are available for cross-registration. 
    • If you believe you have an exception, or have a question, email
  • Once you have selected a course, you are ready to begin the registration process.
    • Note the requirements of the course (especially prerequisites and professor approval)
  • Click here for a step-by-step instruction guide! 


If you are a NEW BTI STUDENT you must fill out the New Student Registration Form to gain access to the BTI Consortium Portal. Click here to go to the New Student Registration Form. (It is also listed under the "Resources" tab)

Once you have submitted the New Student form, your information and eligibility is confirmed by your home registrar and a BTI Consortium Portal account is created for you automatically.

You will receive your username and password via email immediately. *Note: you MUST use your .edu address to register as a BTI Consortium student, and you only have to register as a BTI Consortium student once - if you have forgotten your log in, contact us!

Once your request for cross-registration has been approved by your school's registrar, you will receive a second email notifying you that you are eligible to cross register through our portal. Again, find a step-by-step guide here!


Students who have used the BTI Consortium Portal before can go straight to the portal and submit the cross-registration form using the desired course number. BTI Consortium Portal credentials can be re-used every semester. Contact us at if you forgot your login! 

Five young adults smiling in a religious space in front of a pipe organ. The young people are of various races and genders.


  1. 1) Browse courses! You can browse the Catalog website (blue button below) or the searchable Excel. 
  2. 2) To the Portal! Log in, and fill out all requested information (from the Catalog/Excel).
  3. 3) Submit! After you click submit, all confirmation and approval emails will come to your school email address provided by you in the New Student Registration Form. You can also refer to this handy flow chart of the process!


Each year, we aim to begin posting the next semester's course guide by mid-May (for Fall registration) and mid-November (for Spring registration).

We will send a newsletter announcement when the catalog is complete.

It will be posted here both in a searchable website format with full course descriptions (blue button) and in a searchable/filter-enabled Excel format. 

As you browse, keep these things in mind:

1) Only the listed, approved BTI courses are available for cross-registration.

  • If you have any questions or have a specific case-by-case need, contact us at

2) HDS Registration is unique.

  • BTI Cross-Registration into HDS - Spring/Fall 2024. HDS and some other Harvard schools are moving to a prior-term enrollment system, which means that some Harvard students will begin to enroll in their classes in November/March respectively.
  • BTI students intending to cross-register into HDS are not eligible to participate in this early process. Instead, students should plan to finalize cross-registration in early January. The BTI portal and website will list eligible courses at HDS beginning in November, and BTI students are welcome to create petitions for courses at anytime, but no action will be taken until early January. While you can register for an HDS course as soon as they are listed in the portal, and receive your HOME registrar’s approval, enrollment in an HDS course is not final until you receive confirmation from the HDS registrar in January. 
  • For limited enrollment courses, students should submit a petition in the BTI portal and follow any procedures described in the course description in order to receive instructor permission. If you receive permission from the instructor, please send it to The HDS Registrar’s office will process approved petitions and enroll students in early January.
  • For courses with no enrollment limit, students should submit a petition in the BTI portal. The HDS Registrar’s office will process petitions and enroll students in early January.
  • HDS Professor Permission: if an HDS course requires instructor approval, as noted in the course guide, you must contact the course instructor via email for permission. It is your responsibility to either cc: or forward the instructor’s approval to in order for HDS to enroll you in such courses.
  • Course Changes: The BTI loads courses into the portal as soon as they are available from HDS. While the BTI does its best to keep up with changes, please check the HDS public course listings for up-to-the-minute course details.

3) Note professor approval, and get it first! 

4) Plan for variable dates between two schools!

  • Check out the academic calendars between your home and desired host school - make sure you can meet on the days/times as well as holidays, start/end dates, etc.

5) Note COVID19 Protocols

  • Most BTI Schools are REQUIRING VACCINATION and BOOSTERS to cross-register
  • You may  be asked to provide mandated vaccination records to the host, as well as your home, school (and/or medical/religious exemption).  
  • Please contact your home institution with any questions.
  • Click here for detailed policies for each school (updated 11/8/22)

    Please email us with questions. When in doubt - check the Excel!

Click to Download FA24 Catalog in Excel Format (seven of ten schools 5/23/24)


Follow the button below to the portal with your BTI Consortium credentials (Hint: your username will most likely be formatted as

If you have not filled out the New Student Registration form and obtained portal credentials from the BTI Consortium office, then you will not be able to access the portal. 

First, check these 3 steps:

                     1) Read the step-by-step guide: Keep THIS open in a new tab (click here) 

                     2) Please note: FALL23 Add/Drop/Calendar Dates (on the "DROP A COURSE" tab in the portal)

                     3) REQUIRED: detailed COVID-19 policies at each school (click here, with FA22 updates)

Then, click the blue button on a COMPUTER (not a mobile or tablet device):


*****Remember to use your BTI Username (
NOT your school email to log in!*****



Not sure if you've been approved? Forgot your username or password? Not sure if you already have a portal account? 

Please ask us! Contact

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