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One of the ways the BTI Consortium promotes interreligious learning and collaboration is through the funding of student conferences. We have supported a diverse mix of conferences in the past, and are always looking to support conferences that line up with the interest of BTI Consortium students from multiple perspectives and backgrounds. Along with financial support, usually ranging from $250-$1,500, the Consortium also offers promotional support through our connectivity with the administration of member schools.

Past Student Conferences

In past years, the BTI Consortium has provided support to:

Lumen et vita (hosted annually at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry)Two students smiling. Both wearing name tags on lanyards. Behind them is a sign from the Sacred Secular conference.

Lumen et Vita, meaning "Light and Life," is the graduate student conference and journal of the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.  An online, open-access volume of research, reflections, and reviews by a range of STM students, its goal is to encourage ongoing dialogue within the school and to fuel interdisciplinary conversation across the entire Boston theological community. 


Engaging Particularities (hosted annually at Boston College Department of Theology)

Engaging Particularities is the longest-running, student-run conference dedicated to theology/religious studies in the Northeastern sector of the United States. It seeks to foster at the level of graduate and post-graduate inquiries the possibility of interreligious enrichment and cooperation.

This is a comparative theology conference. Numerous participants from previous conferences are scholars non-affiliated, -associated, -identified with a religious community/tradition. Furthermore, this conference is continuously enriched with the participation of non-Christian students of religion. Comparative theologians, as scholars of another religious tradition,  are open to recognizing other religions as possible sources of truth and revelation that might inform and enhance truth through theological reflection, while maintaining the basic and meaningful commitments to the moral matrix of the scholar’s point of inquiry.

Future Student Conference Support

Have an idea for a student conference? We only require that your collaborators include three BTI Consortium Member schools, that you open attendance and contribution from all BTI Consurtium students, and that it is a topic that will be of interest to a range of students.

To apply, fill out the form below or send us an email at We would love to hear your ideas and know how we can partner with you! 

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